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Welcome to Anjali Corona Treater

We are in the business of Manufacturing Corona Discharge Plastic surface Treating Systems since 1988. And as per today, we have sold our units all over India and abroad. We have designed and fabricated treaters for wide width multilayer plants to a small treater for treatment of inner surface of 1mm holes in injection syringe base.

We have been adapting to advancements in modern technology and availability of advanced components in the field of electronic components starting from Transistor, S.C.R to IGBT and Mosfets.

Anjali Corona Treater is widely used plastic packaging industries for increasing surface tension of plastic films before printing and lamination. That is why it will be worthwhile to consult us before deciding a specific plan for your requirements.

Corona Treater Manufacturer

Anjali Corporation is exclusive manufacturer and exporter of Corona Treater in India since 1988. This is most reliable system, fabricated with state of art electronic component. Anjali H.F Panel functions perfectly for years, without aging or loss of power. They are equipped with an advance electronic circuit, which continuously monitors all operational parameters, so that one can virtually forged the H.F Panels after setting it for required power output & treatment level. The high supersonic frequency operation provides a really effective & even surface treatment of plastic material and guaranties increased bonding and adhesion without problems of mat surface, pinholes. For PP, LDPE, HMLLDPE, BOPP, WOVEN FABRIC, MULTILAYER FILMS & FIBERGLASS CLOTH. Even on high speed plant. This new technique makes it possible to offer a compact & effective H.F. Treaters & Panels, which are more reliable, more durable & more economical than other available treating system of its class.

The corona treater are equipped with Latest IGBT Switching Technology, Zero speed Cut Off System, Electronic Overload Trip, Pneumatic opening/closing of the treater, hooter signal upon web breakdown, Ozone extraction system, Closed electrode system for safety, Segmented electrodes for localized treatment and so on. The treaters are also powder coated.
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