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Corona Treater

Corona Treatment System
Corona Generator
Blown Film Corona Treater
Multilayer / Wide Width Film Treater
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Blown Film Corona Treater Station

Pneumatically Operated Treater Unit.
No High Voltage External Connections.
Segmented Electrodes / Multiple S.S Blade Electrodes.
Dynamically Balanced Rollers.
High Quality Silicon Rubber Sleeves
Ozone Extractor Blower System
Powder Coated Finishing.
'0' Speed Switch

Blown Film Corona Generator

High frequency Generators are With IGBT Construction
softstrat With pulsewidth modulation
Mains Input >Single Phase >Three Phase
Output Power 0.5kw to 15kw
Output Frequency 15 to 35khz
Short Ciruit Proof
Electronic overload trip
"0" Speed Switch
Audio Visual Trip
Plug and Socket Connection for Easy Installation
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