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ANJALI CORONA TREATER increase the Surface bonding strength by creating Polar molecule on the surface. As a excellent bonding of inks takes place. On untreated Plastic and paper, inks adhere on the surface by means of mechanical friction & are easily released by rubbing or adhesive Tape test. It needs the Surface tension of the surface more than (10dynes/cm) the surface tension of the printing inks/adhesives, etc.... for bonding, coating, printing, etc...

ANJALI CORONA TREATER for COATING plants, lamination plants (LD / LLDP / PP / COATING on paper, pvc, polyester, leak proof tarpaulin, wide width liners, fertilizers bags, woven sacks, adhesive tapes, polyester (offset master plate, photographic), paper on Ldpe pp on pp, polystyrene, pp, pvdc (pharma coat), aseptic packaging materials etc....
ANJALI CORONA TREATER Single bag to bag, SHEET TREATMENT system to treat the non continues sheet / bags for FLEXO-OFFSET-SCREEN-LAMINATION-COATING manual machines. Materials like, self locking bag, Metalized laminated cardboard, pvc, polyester sheet, hm/ld/sheet, woven sack bags (laminated / unlaminated, reverse bags, paper, conductive / nonconductive duplex etc..)

We are in the business of manufacturing Corona dischrge Plastic surface Treating system since 1988. And as per today,We have Sold our units all over india and abroad,We have designed fabricator treaters for wide width multilayer plants to a small treater for treatment of inner surface of 1mm holes in injection syringe base.
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