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Corona Treater

Corona treatment system is a very effective way to increase the surface tension of virtually any material. Surface treatment is required for plastic films/fabrics whose normal surface tension is not sufficiently high to permit good wetting by flexo graphic inks.

Corona treatment system increases the surface tension of the fabrics respective to inks by inducing molecular changes in the surface of the films. This is done by exposing the air at the material's surface to a high-voltage electrical discharge - a corona.Corona discharge treatment at atmospheric pressure for improving adhesion of various polymer substrate is now standard practice.



Corona Treater Specification

Treat width Capacity As Per Customer's Requirement.
Treater Station: Pneumatic Operated And Manual Operated.
Treater Roll Diameter : 50mm,60mm,75mm,100mm,150mm
Maximum Line Speed
        >>  Generel purpose models
       >> Higher Output 30 to 150 mtrs/min
        >>  As per Customers Requirment
Treat Capability
         >> Single Side
         >> Both Side
         >> Multisegment
         >> Multi Blade
Manualy & Pneuamatically Operated Treater
Ozone Extraction Blower Width above 36" trate
Easy Airgap Adjustment
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